Glue for corrugated cardboard

What Glue for Corrugated Cardboard Is

Dry glue for corrugated cardboard is a white homogeneous powder (it may have a yellowish tinge). This substance is produced basing on natural and modified starches, with addition of specially elaborated materials.

Humidity No more than 13%
pH level From 11,5 to 12,5
Color White
Viscosity 40–60 Pа•s
ТSolidification point From 60 to 62 °C
Package 25 kg paper bags (craft).

Where Glue for Corrugated Cardboard Is Used

This glue serves to produce 2-, 3- or 5-layered corrugated cardboard and articles made from it. It is widely used in paper and food industries. Due to the absence of any toxins destructive for the human’s health, this glue can be appliedfor producing food goods packaging. Also, this substance is necessary for viscosity regulation and increasing setting rate of glue seams. The cold manufactured glue improves manufacturing productivity, allowing scaling up production volumes without cost increase

How To Prepare Adhesive Solution

The adhesive solution for corrugated cardboard producing is prepared in a special container with a mixer with 900-1450 rpm rotation speed. The container is filled with +15 – +30°Cwater. Then it is starting to mix while the glue is slowly pouring in in proportion: 1 part glue in every 4–4,5 parts water (by weight). The solution is being mixed during 30-35 minutes until is homogeneous. The exact proportion of glue and water depends on the paper quality and the corrugator specifications. If the speed of the mixing machine differs from indicated, then the solution preparation should be carried out without reference to time until the solution becomes homogeneous.

Before use, the glue for corrugated cardboard should be mixed during 10 minutes. A ready solution does not lose its functional properties within 7 days.

Storage Conditions

Glue for corrugated cardboard should be stored in a dry cool place at 0 – +25 °C and humidity up to 40%. Air in a warehouse should be constantly ventilated. Glue for corrugated cardboard storage period is up to 2 years.

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