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Home » Production » Flexographic water-based inks for cardboard

Flexographic water-based inks for cardboard

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Sardi&Co offers to purchase high-quality flexographic water-based inks.

We sell production specially manufactured for flexography and subsurface printing on different kinds of paper and cardboard.

The line of highly pigmented inks was developed considering all the specifics of application on corrugated cardboard and paper of various weight. Flexographic inks are great to use for printing with a special “plate”, as well as with a raster roller.

Main Advantages

Our flexographic water-based inks has the following advantages:

  • Affordability. Flexographicinks have competitive price.
  • Utility. They are easily blending and highly pigmented.
  • Compatibility. The color shades of flexographic inks match the PANTONE system.
  • Adaptability. Inks can be used for various kinds of printing on different materials.
  • High Quality. Flexographic inks guarantee finest printing quality even at higher velocity.
  • Security. All flexographic inks components are absolutely eco-friendly.
  • production of inks with Inkmaker Italy automatic dosing station.
  • broad technological options for color matching, both in our laboratory and in the field
  • owned automotive facilities speed up delivery (starting from 1 day).
  • wide range of lacquers for different materials: absorbing and non-absorbing (cardboard, polymer, tape)

Flexography Printing

Flexography printing differs in using hard printing plates. They transfer the picture straight on the surface. Due to their hardness, printing plates have high runnability. This method is simple: there are no intermediate stages, and the picture is transferred right on the cardboard (created with paper bailing or thermomechanical deformation and glue for corrugated cardboard) or paper. Because of that, this kind of printing has very low cost.

In this case, the quality of printing depends on the type of ink.

Flexography Printing Inks

Flexographic inks for printing on cardboard and paper can be:

  • waterborne;
  • UV curing.

Sardi&Co sells high-quality eco-friendly waterborne colors for flexography printing. They are great to use for most bases. Waterborne inks create matt coating, so they suit best for corrugated cardboard.

If you need to print on such materials as paper, corrugated or pressed board, our company will be glad to help you. We supply waterborne inks for flexography. This method of printing is flexible in use, very cheap and, not least, does not require any additional spending.

All products are available at our warehouses.

Please specify the price of the Sardi&Co water-based flexographic inks by calling us: +7 (495) 278-11-77, or send your request to our e-mail: [email protected].