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Pursuing trade and production activities, the company "Sardi & Co." will never forget about good deeds. In recent years, we are actively cooperating with several charitable foundations, well known in Russia and abroad. Regular financial contributions - this is our contribution to the work of these organizations and help those who are in dire need.

Periodically, our company contributes to the well-known in many Russian regions Fund "Solidarity". This organization provides charitable assistance to orphans, the disabled and low-income families. The Foundation not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders, helping the underprivileged around the globe.

The company "Sardi & Co." helps financially and non-profit organization "Ray of Light". This charitable foundation is engaged in socially vulnerable children: orphans, the disabled and children from orphanages, left without parental care. Also, volunteers organizations actively help large families and people who are in difficult situations.

By investing in "Sardica," you are helping those who are already making this world a better place. Because we produce each order charges, which will later be given to those in need through one of the charities.

Join us! To make the world a little kinder together.